Why Digital Printing Is Better Than Offset Printing

//Why Digital Printing Is Better Than Offset Printing

Why Digital Printing Is Better Than Offset Printing

Both digital printing and offset printing are widely used in businesses. From business cards to large banners, digital printing and offset printing can deliver them all.


Offset printing uses plates (made of aluminum mostly) which are used to transmit the image on a rubber. Next, the image is rolled onto a sheet of paper. In this way of printing, ink is not transferred to the paper directly. This choice is best suited when the prints required is of larger amounts.

It uses liquid ink or toners. This way of printing is preferred when smaller number of prints are required.

The major difference while choosing which one to use is of the fact that whether the print customer wants a higher volume or shorter volume printing. If you want the former, offset printing is preferred while for the latter, digital printing is preferred.

Advantage Of Digital Printing Over Offset Printing:

  • Good for low number of prints, starting from 1 piece
  • Digital printing has a smaller setup time, hence, it has a better turnaround time.
  • Costs of setup is lower
  • If different data has to be entered, this method of printing is preferred. Examples are if the name, address has to changed frequently for like in an invitation card.
  • Lower costs comparatively.
  • Faster delivery. Digital printing can deliver the prints on the same day or the next day. Hence, this method is
  • Print as and when require.
  • High level of quality.

Outdoor Advertising:

Advertising for companies and brands is very essential as they need exposure  to the  customer base. No business can run without proper advertising. Advertising comes in many forms. May it be the present digital advertising or the conventional outdoor display advertising, advertising is essential for any business.

Outdoor advertising has many advantages in the means of reach and visibility. It has the potential to reach out to prospective customers and clients to a very great extent and the information or message to be conveyed is done so effectively. Like in many countries, outdoor advertising in Dubai, UAE is also popular.  The many forms of this sort of advertising includes building wrap advertising, lamp post banner advertising, billboard advertising, taxi advertising, exhibition stands, bridge advertising, LED billboard advertising, rooftop advertising.

Digital Printing In Dubai:

Digital printing has the latest technology in the equipment and gives great finishing like the products of offset printing. As, in the other parts of the world, digital printing in Dubai has become popular for businesses wanting to advertise their products or for even for individuals as they have their business card ready in 30 minutes. Other ways that digital printing is been used now a days is in the making of flyers, photocopying of all sizes, ID cards, letterheads, brochures, binding works, folders, booklets etc.

With digital printing, comes many advantages mainly in the fact that the work can be done must faster if the volumes are less. And, it’s a known fact to many that time is money.

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