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Equipment Rental In Dubai

Equipment Rental 

An event is just the one time opportunity. It is focused on a specific purpose such as an innovative or a majestic opening or any other important occasion of a product launch or promotion. Events like these require sourcing of Audio Video, Lighting, Truss Systems, Furniture’s, Displays, Advertising Materials, etc. Buying and storing might turn to be a difficulty as these consumes a lot of space so get all advertising equipment for rent from Brand Me Adv. We are labeled among the best exhibition stand companies in Dubai.

New to the list is Video Walls. It’s one of the most innovative interactive media of this generation and we have it! Call to know.

We, a renowned outdoor advertising agency in Dubai, have come up with the unique idea of giving all the necessary advertising equipment for rent required by you to run a successful event. It is delivered and installed at the venue and dismantled after the event. The only thing you have to do is to take the right decision and leave the rest on us. Always get the best rental equipment from best exhibition stand companies. This will help in retaining your brand’s image.

We have many types of equipment for every type of major exhibition and event space for your convenience. We have affordable display boards and panels in many different sizes and colors which is easily accessible from one of our service points throughout the UAE. We provide the best quality of equipment which is maintained and inspected frequently. Also, we have our equipment ready for packing and shipping out for those urgent, last-minute events or exhibition requirements.

Brand Me Advertising is a leading advertising agency in Dubai that offers exhibition equipment rental to a diverse range of businesses. Exhibitions are probably one of the best ways to target your potential business and help your business grow and that’s why we at Brand Me Advertising are here to offer you the best exhibition equipment rental. Opting for exhibition equipment rental has a wide range of advantages to offer:

They are cost effective

Purchasing an exhibition stand especially if you rarely participate in exhibitions can be very expensive. On the other renting equipment can prove to be budget friendly and thus cost-effective. You can choose the design of your choice and built up an amazing exhibition stand.

Many options available

With exhibition equipment rental it is possible for you choose a complete different exhibition stand design every time. You can experiment with new variations and see which works best you.

Exhibition Equipment Rental is an amazing option for anyone. It lets you participate in an exhibition without a lot of investment. Brand Me Advertising offers an exclusive range of rental equipment that lets you choose what works for you the best.

Video Screen Kiosks
Equipment Rental
Display Stand

Equipment Rental by the best Outdoor Advertising Company in Dubai

Brand ME Advertising is committed to assuring the success of our customers through quality rental equipment’s for Exhibitions Stands, Product Launches, Promotion Campaigns, Road Shows, Stage Shows, Fashion Shows, Conferences, Other Events, etc.

You will get peace of mind through our unmatched Expertise, Affordability, Availability, Reliability, Safety and Flexibility. We, being an advertising company in Dubai offer best services among all signage companies. Our equipment on rent are of great quality. We are known for our excellence and stylish designs.  We believe in bringing your company’s brand image to a whole new level. For that we focus on maintaining the quality standards of equipment that we offer on rent.

To get the list of rental items and their prices for daily, weekly or monthly basis call on 0504684201


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