Things to avoid when using video walls

//Things to avoid when using video walls

Things to avoid when using video walls

Whether you are planning to opt for a video wall rental or to purchase a video wall, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. Most importantly, it is very crucial to avoid committing certain mistakes that can affect the effectiveness of a video wall. We have listed down some of the common things that you need to avoid if you are planning to opt for a video wall rental or purchase it. Follow these guidelines below and enjoy an amazing and flawless experience. Read below to find out:

Failing to understand its business goals

Before you plan on implementing a video wall, you need to understand the various business goals associated to it. Think about how a video wall can actually help in promoting and enhancing your business, versus your current strategy. For instance, if you plan to place a video wall in an exhibition or trade show, your content should be appealing and engaging enough to drive walk-ins of potential clients to your booth.

Failing to understand the space available

This is probably one of the most crucial factors you need to take into consideration. Before you rent a video wall understand the space that is available and if the space is enough to place your video wall. Find out about the size of your video wall, the brightness or pixels and the power requirements of the wall you need. Also think well about the other objects or elements present in the surroundings. Your video wall should not distract the audience instead of attracting.

Failing to understand the technical capabilities

Most of the times people fail to understand the technical capabilities that a video wall can offer. Audio, video and text needs to be optimized depending upon the type of video wall that you are using. For instance, choosing an undesirable, non-readable font can make your video wall look non appealing. Never choose low-resolution images for you wall as these can distract the audience and fail to create the desirable effect. Always create the content keeping in mind the big screen and not a computer or laptop screen.

Common content problems

Your content on a video wall needs to crisp and to the point. When the content is too long or a message overstays than the desirable duration or if the text is too long to fit on the screen, you will make no return on your investment on your video wall purchase. Keep a message short and simple to create an effective impact on the audience. This is because short and to the point messages always create a better impact on audience. Also depending upon the pixels you choose for your video wall, you need to choose the correct shade. Avoid too much glossy effect as it can affect the appearance of the text. Avoid creating shiny or shadow effects if your pixels do not have the capability to portray them well. Lastly, visit some good video wall companies before deciding to make a purchase.

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