Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

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Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

According to research, with every 1% increase in employee engagement, companies can see 0.6% growth in sales. Thus, providing employees with effective communication is an important factor when establishing a successful internal communication channel. Be it a small organization or a large one. Building internal communication is required and with the help of digital signage solutions it becomes effective, quick and reliable that gives direct access to every employee.

Regardless of whether employees are at corporate headquarters, or in the back office. From delivering upcoming community events to mission-critical information, digital signage helps to align messaging and engage employees.

Four fundamental benefits that with a digital signage services an organization in Dubai can profoundly strengthen:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Internal Brand
  • Informed Employee Voice
  • Employee Activism

You’ve spent all this money on a digital signage system, and put in many hours of work to craft attractive, succinct and informative messages. So how do you know that your efforts are working? If you haven’t been using digital signage for corporate communications, think about doing so – it saves time and money, and makes everything run smoother.

Avoid Confusion

Just ask around, make sure your messages on the digital signage kiosk are clarifying and explaining things. And if something is not right, maybe they need to be re-tooled to be clearer. Find ways to present it in a memorable way.

Cut Paper Waste

One thing that a digital signage company always says is that it ‘saves paper’. It is totally true! One of the reasons you brought a digital signage for corporate communication is to save paper, not just the cost of material and ink but also the time spent in printing, distributing, and later removing and disposing of the flyers and banners.

Increase Participation

Start promoting your office events on Digital advertising player. You will get far more message saturation with your displays than with emails, which are almost never read. Use bright colors, designs and different layouts than your usual corporate communications. This will draw people in and be interested to participate in the event.

Recognize Employees

Make your employees feel appreciated. Survey them to keep them motivated. This can be done with the help of digital display screens making them know that their work is being noticed. Display leaderboards, shout outs for getting a big contractor, or when there is a new employee- make them feel a part of the team with welcome messages.

Digital Signage companies in Dubai help you achieve exclusive corporate communications. There is almost no medium- or large-scale issue that cannot be efficiently addressed using digital signage. You can reach more people than with any other communication medium and can respond to issues instantly.

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