Benefits of Digital printing During Covid-19

//Benefits of Digital printing During Covid-19

Benefits of Digital printing During Covid-19

It’s been more than a year since the Covid-19 pandemic has started. All over the world people have now accepted the new norm and started taking all the measures to prevent Coronavirus. Now going to work, going grocery shopping, or even going for lunch or dinner things have changed. With the new social distancing norm, the world still continues to function very differently today as compared to before Covid-19, even with the help of vaccinations which are going well underway.

At the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, many advertising companies in Dubai helps the public and private sectors to spread the awareness of all the COVID-19 safety protocols as well as awareness for the vaccination.  While going for groceries, work, restaurants, malls, etc… we can see many Covid-19 safety signs in Dubai are being pasted at which has messages such as sanitize your hands, stand at 6ft distance, etc… There is various type of Digital printing which can help business owners to communicate such social distancing message to the public.

Check out how Digital printing in Dubai can be beneficial during the Covid-19 pandemic in Dubai, UAE.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

These floor stickers are placed in public places to avoid crowds. Such places such as grocery stores and shopping centers where verbal reminders are appreciated, at such places we can apply these social distancing floor stickers as it’s easy. Rather than giving reminders vocally just applying these floor stickers helps in maintaining queue.

These COVID-19 Floor Stickers in UAE are very popular in crowded places like subway stations, supermarkets, malls, amusement parks, etc. It is printed on the floor with some bright color as it’s easy to grab a patron’s attention. It also helps to direct the flow of traffic and keep people moving.

Sandwich Boards

It is also known as A-frame boards or rather A-frame sandwich boards. Such boards are a little big and they can have an impact on people passing by. It is also very budget-friendly. As rules and regulations for restaurants are changing as per the rise in cases, sandwich boards are an easy and affordable way to keep customers informed if the restaurant is open or closed, or only take away available, etc…

Social Distancing Safety Signs

The safety signs are printed on the placard or posters inside or outside public places. It has various safety messages printed on it and helps people to maintain social distancing in public areas. Also, help in spreading awareness about covid-19 and what measures to take to prevent it.

With the help of covid-19 safety signs, people who visit your place of business must know exactly what they can or cannot do in terms of COVID protocol.

Banners Advertising

Outdoor advertising agencies in Dubai recommend going for banner advertising to spread awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination for it. As it is an easy way to pass the message to whoever is passing by the billboards. This way digital printing on the banner can help in spreading awareness about the protocol for the Coronavirus.

This way with the help of digital printing public sector even all the private sectors are still enforcing taking vaccinations, wearing masks, social distancing, and COVID-19 safety rules and regulations. This is even going to be the same for some time. You can also apply such posters and create a safe environment for your customers and employees. Indoor and outdoor advertising agencies in Dubai can help you to choose the right type of advertising for you.

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