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Outdoor Advertising Company in Dubai

The effectiveness of outdoor advertising may be increasing even as the popularity of digital advertising increases. As a consumer, you will see outdoor advertising almost every day, though it is harder to actually grab the attention of the average customer. Even if we see hundreds of outdoor advertisements every day but the recall of those ads is almost zero. So doing it in a correct is the way is important or it is simply a waste.

People are overwhelmed with the amount of information that they receive from brands that bombard their daily routine. A number of ad messages can easily run into hundreds per day which lead people to eventually filter out many ads online, on television and on the radio. But Outdoor Advertising such as billboards, cannot be turned off.

It is also called as Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, outdoor advertising is a broad term. It is considered as a mass market medium. It is better used for branding and supporting campaigns.

If you are planning for an outdoor ad, whether as an outdoor advertising agency in Dubai or for your own brand, always remember it will not do the heavy lifting. Any attempt to do so will lead to a very cluttered and confusing message. Once you start putting more than 10 words of copy on a billboard, it will be asking a lot from the consumer. Many are driving at a high speed. Many are busy using their phones. Thus, you have to wisely choose and also take into the account of the digital message that will go along with digital signage, indoor and outdoor advertising, acrylic display stands, etc.

Types of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is a staple of the media mix as it reaches hundreds of thousands of people and is usually very quick and impactful.
The most common forms of outdoor advertising include:
• Billboard advertising

• Point of sale displays

• Street furniture (bus shelters, kiosks, telephone booths etc.)

• Transit advertising and wraps (taxis, buses, subways, trains etc.)

• Mobile billboards

• Guerrilla advertising (aka ambient media)

In the past outdoor advertising was simply a way to do brand awareness. It is absolutely not possible to convey a complex message in a medium that people see only for a few seconds, or minutes. Thus, outdoor advertising services Dubai is seen as a support for TV, direct mail, radio, print and digital marketing. Basically, what we are saying is keep the product or service top of mind, but let the other forms of advertising do the heavy lifting.

However, with the advent of mobile technology, and websites, outdoor can now drive people to something instantly. From QR codes to simple web addresses, or even apps like Snapchat and Instagram, outdoor can be a way to begin a conversation with the consumer, or prompt an outdoor campaign to go viral.

Some outdoor advertising can become a focal point for an entire campaign, especially if it encompasses a stunt, or drives interaction with users and their cell phones.

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