Facts about Exhibition Stands that you need to know

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Facts about Exhibition Stands that you need to know

It’s all about the appearance
Your exhibition stand creates a first impression on your clients and in a way represents what your brand is all about. Hence it is very important that your stand is consistent with your brand message and revolves around the message that needs to be conveyed. It should also be similar to the marketing strategy that you are running through other mediums. It is all about projecting your business well.

Size is not everything

Good exhibition stand does not necessarily have to be a huge one or one where you invest a lot of money. Avoid purchasing huge display stands if you do not have a lot of products to put on display as your stand might empty and not attract any potential buyers. Opt for medium or small sized display stands if this is the case and wisely display your products to gain the maximum benefit.

Test your stand

Before the exhibition day, try to conceptualize about your exhibition stand and how you would run the same. Try to think about your sales routine as well. It can help you identify certain flaws and give you time to strategize your stand in a better way in order to avoid failure. You can also make some small changes to the stand if you feel that is necessary.

Clearly explain the objective of the stand to the builders

You need to give the exhibition stand companies a clear brief about what you need. Try to be involved in the conceptualizing part of the stand and answers the queries the company has patiently. Good communication will help you build a good exhibition stand that perfectly represents your company and its image.

Think different

Try to be innovative and different as compared to your competitors when designing an exhibition stand. Try to think what could be an appealing strategy that will increase walk-ins in your booth.

Decide the budget wisely

It is not necessary that you have to have a huge budget when designing an exhibition stand. Try utilising items that you already possess as much as you can. Think twice before making a heavy investment.

Give relevant gifts to visitors

Most of the corporate gifts received by most visitors are often thrown away or forgotten about. Hence before buying gifts think about some relevant options that your visitors or customers could utilize. This way your clienteles can recognize your product.


Last but not the least; do not forget to find the best possible location to put your exhibition stand. Lights, backgrounds, visibility factor are some basic factors that you need to keep in mind before deciding upon the final location. For this reason, always connect with the best exhibition stand builders in Dubai. Your location pays a very important role in deciding upon the return on investment. Also avoid a place that is just next to your competitor. This could be dangerous as there is a high chance of customers being divided. Choose for a safer location always.

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