Digital Signage for the Automotive Industry

//Digital Signage for the Automotive Industry

Digital Signage for the Automotive Industry

An automotive digital signage is used to enhance the customer experience and provide with correct knowledge to the customers. Apparently, this leads to more trust and loyalty from customers.

With a digital signage, you can keep your customers up to speed with the latest information relevant to their showroom visit. As we all know that cars are not cheap as the everyday purchases thus, it is important to make the customer feel that they have taken the right decision. We should not ignore the fact that today’s customers are well informed prior with the technology available handy. We should make the customer’s experience at the showroom worthwhile and not merely a transactional journey. A showroom is a perfect place where you can make or break the company’s branding and service.

Digital signage helps to put words into action. As when a consumer enters into a showroom, he already has a lot in his mind and it is topped with even more information by the sales representative. Using digital signage solutions, the store can consider all the possible options like change, modify do any permutation or combination that satisfies him in the end. You can use LED walls, 3D Display management and projectors that can recreate the consumers perceived vision into a virtual reality.As a result, the consumer will be able to make a better decision and adds value to his experience.

Digital signage as an audio visual medium also gives the unique opportunity to promote your products & services offers. This increases revenue gives better return on investment and consumer repeat value as you provide a unique and appealing purchase experience.

Here are a few ways that our customers utilize digital signage:


The reception area of any car showroom is a place where the customer experience begins, thus it is extremely important to make it stand out with stunning video walls and extraordinary content. Doing this helps to set the tone of an established brand even the consumer is there for an annual service or to check out the latest model available.


Service staff can utilize specific screens in them maintenance area to interact with when explaining different procedures. Visuals will help the customers to understand better the requirement for each procedure.


Along with the sales representatives, let the digital signage do the selling for you. Having interactive displays coupled with other digital signage helps in making the decision.


Another piece of the ‘customer journey’ puzzle which can help brands stand out from their competition. Arrange for loyalty programs for valued customers, give them an unforgettable experience to keep on coming back to purchase your brand for years to come.


Keep sales staff up to date with latest information in the staff room and what the products of the week will be with relevant incentives. For which there can be rewards and recognition for the month’s top seller.


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