Common Types Of Flex Designs

Common Types Of Flex Designs

If you are someone who is planning to brand or advertise your company with the help of flex designs or hoardings, we are sure you would want to first do some amount of research to identify the different kinds of flex available. Let us tell you that flex printing can be done in a multiple number of ways and there are different types of flexes available in the market. When branding or marketing your product it is extremely important to understand the different types of options available and most importantly trying to understand the type of option that will best suit your needs and requirements. We have today listed down some of the most common types of flexes available in the market and their usage. We hope this blog will help in deciding the best suited flex design for your company. Read below to know more about it

Normal Flex

A normal flex design is generally used commonly in shops and exhibitions. When visiting a retail outlet or an exhibition you might have encountered a number of standees. The standees or normal flex designs printed that can help in understanding Brand better. These are generally used by those who wish to create standees on a budget for different events.

Star Flex

If you are looking out for a flex design that offers premium quality, a star flex design is probably the best choice for you. It comprises of a higher quality and offers you a lustrous and rich appearance when printed. The quality of a star flex is much higher than a normal flex design.

Star Black Flags

This design is called as a black flex because it comes at a cheaper quality as compared to a star flex. If you want to print of links design on a budget a star black flex is probably the best choice for you.

Black Light Flex

These type of flex designs are generally used like a glowing board especially during the night time. These type of flex design a help in highlighting your brand name and brand offerings even during the night time.

Vinyl Flex

This is another premium quality of flex design that can help in protecting your bored even during humid conditions. These type of designs can easily be pasted on walls. A common place where these designs are used is in offices and cabins.  Black late flakes

When choosing upon a flex design, it is very important to consider the objective of its usage. You also need to consider factors such as location, demographics & lighting available. Make sure you hire professional help for flex printing who can guide you when choosing a design, color or font for your board.

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