Digital Signage Services in Education

//Digital Signage Services in Education

Digital Signage Services in Education

Nowadays, an average teenager normally spends around 5-7 hours in front of a screen. This has only increased over time and is proving to become the ‘norm’. Considering that this much time is dedicated in front of the screens, it has become uncompromisingly clear that digital medium is the key way to communicate. Let us see the ways in which Digital Signage can benefit Educational facilities.

Digital Signage services are helping to change the educational system in a better way. It allows schools, colleges, and universities to reach the students and the staff with up-to-date, consistent and relevant messages instantly.

For day to day operations, they provide basic announcements and information about campus activities and events, and to direct foot traffic in the event of construction, building closures or classroom changes.   Campus-wide digital signage networks are also essential during campus-wide emergencies including weather alerts, hostile or intrusion-based events, and for other crisis-management situations.

Digital Signage aid the learning experience

1.  A Digital Signage helps to grab and hold attention. A digital sign captures more views, unlike their static counterpart.

2.  It can help to present important information displayed at all times such as date, time or news.

3.  Integration with live data such as RSS feeds, Twitter and live streams can be streamed directly into zones throughout the digital signage network that is a valuable source of information.

4.  Digital wayfinding solutions help the students, staff to be on time always.

5.  Digital Menu Boards in cafeteria and canteens in schools and colleges help to save time and money when it comes to updating the menu or just resolving a ‘typo’.

6.  Digital displays help to dodge the delays. Like importing travel data such as train, bus or accident information eventually helping students and staff to plan ahead to get back.

7.  Additional revenue can be generated through advertising on digital signage. This should be carefully managed as the content of the advertising should be suitable for the age of the viewers.

8.  Promoting students achievements and giving them a voice through digital signage is motivating to other aspiring students and also creates a strong and conclusive image of the school or the college in front of any visitor.

9.  Digital Signage can be of great help in emergency situations. It helps the students and staff know exactly what to do and where to go.

Encouraging student collaboration in which their messages can be displayed on Digital Signage and seen throughout the educational facility can be highly motivating and community-building.

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