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Signage Company In Dubai

Signage Advertising

As a leading signage company in Dubai, we specialize in varieties of signage advertising using different materials specific to the requirement and conditions. The services offered in Designing, Fabrication, and Installation is not limited to Dubai market. We cater to all of UAE along with other countries in the region including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait.

Many advertising companies are using digital signage for branding purposes. There are different mediums for signage such as display image, video, and motion-graphic advertising, etc… which can help in getting the audience’s attention. It can be used for Indoor and Outdoor Advertising, it can be found in many public places like… lobbies, waiting rooms, libraries, and bus stops. It is said that, when people have a short pause in their route, they have a chance to observe your digital advertising sign, that’s why advertising agencies tend to locate signages at the places where there is both heavy foot traffic and a reason for people to slow down.

The use of signage to communicate a marketer’s message places advertising in geographically identified areas in order to capture customer attention. The most obvious method of using signage is in high traffic areas.

The object of Signage Companies is to attract the public. We have even specialized in sectors related to it. We have served perspective and satisfied customers for a decade. This has helped us to understand and deliver what a customer wants. Custom Made Products are the most wanted medium of advertising as it gives you the possibility of fabricating your imagination. And signage tops the list.

We manufacture and install varied types of signage, sign boards, name boards for every business needs. We design, fabricate and install quality signs ranging from non-illuminated and illuminated exterior signs and custom architectural signage including interior and exterior wayfinding systems.

Fabricators experienced with finest of skills to meet international quality standards. Tools like router Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Water-jet Cutting Machines are used for perfection in finishing and detailing.

Brand me advertising believes that clients deserve high-quality products at cost effective prices that are supported by service and excellence. With us, you can be confident that every aspect of your project from design through production to installation, will be carefully executed by our professional, skilled and friendly team.

Illuminated Signage
Acrylic Illuminated
LED Signage

Services we offer in Signage

Signage companies include Architectural Signage, Retail Signage, Wayfinding Systems, Plotter-Cut Vinyl, Dimensional, Letters/Logos, Illuminated Signs, Display stands, POP Displays, Tabletop Displays, Store Windows Displays, Tradeshow Exhibits, Structure Fabrication, Booth Signage & Graphics, Large Format Printing, Banners, Wall Murals, Fleet Graphics, Floor Graphics, Billboard Graphics, C-Prints/Lambda Prints, Scoreboard, Graphics, Barricades & Graphics, Duratrans/Transparencies, Window Vinyl, Entrances, Canopies, Awnings, Specialized Services, Design Support/Prototyping, Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, EDM, Precision Cutting, CNC Routing, Dimensional Fabrication, Etching & Engraving, Plotter-Cut Vinyl, Acrylic Embedment, Screen Printing, Sandblasting, Fulfillment, Installation/Roll-Out, Specialized Products, Ultra-Slim Light Boxes, Banner Stands.

If you have not yet decided what will suit you best, contact our friendly staff to get expert advice on what and how to go ahead. Brand ME Advertising has spent over 9 years in the signage company in Dubai, UAE. We have accumulated nearly every sign type style there is for your business, corporate & retail signs. We take your logo/artwork from scratch and come up with several different ways to manufacture your sign in different materials. We give you several price options with the same custom image for your specific signage. Brand ME Advertising utilizes next-generation technology to create exterior and interior signs for businesses. Our in-house production department carters to almost all types of sign and signage services ranging from wood, plastic, acrylic, metal, etc.

Brand Me Advertising is amongst one of the top rated signage company in Dubai and we offer a diverse range of signage services to meet requirements of every business.

Reach a wide range of audience

If you are looking out to promote your business extensively, signage is all you need. It helps in attracting a wide range of audience and promotes your business efficiently.


As compared to many other modes of promotion, signage is probably the best and offers results at pocket-friendly rates. As compared to other exterior or outdoor media, signage are services are less costly.

They offer flexibility

Signage solutions offer complete flexibility when it comes to transporting them from location to another. They can be easily transported and placed wherever you want them to offering complete flexibility to you.

Brand Me Advertising is a well-reputed signage company in Dubai that offers you signage solutions by customizing them to your needs & requirements. We offer you a strategically positioned signage board that can expand your business presence, product or service reach and create brand awareness in the market.


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