Various benefits of frosted vinyl for glass

//Various benefits of frosted vinyl for glass

Various benefits of frosted vinyl for glass

There is almost no limit to the uses of frosted glass vinyl film. For shop-front displays (internal and external options available), for branding purposes, signage, and glass manifestation or simply for decorative purposes, the durability and versatility of window film and the results that can be achieved make it the ideal choice. Meaning that whatever the requirement, it is possible to provide a bespoke, imaginative and impressive solution.

There are many practical uses of frosted vinyl for glass, firstly, for privacy purposes for which vinyl can be applied to cover an entire glass surface. This will help in creating privacy for the office but at the same time, natural light can be still seen preventing the room from feeling dark. It is also used for safety, small designs can be applied to a door or window making the glass more visible to staff and clients preventing accidents.

Privacy glass conceals the inside of your home from neighbors and passers-by.

We love big windows and glass doors, but that makes us constantly exposed to neighbors and strangers walking by, which makes you feel like living in a fishbowl as everyone sneaks and peers inside the house. Glass windows and doors also advertise contents to potential burglars. Privacy is much required when it comes to bedroom and bathrooms. In an office environment, privacy glass is required to make meeting rooms and offices more private while maintaining an open and collaborative feel.

Frosted window vinyl and sandblasted glass are the two most common types of privacy glass.

The opaque, frosted effect of sandblasting or frosted window vinyl is an attractive way to increase the level of privacy at home or office. While both methods achieve the same end, there are some benefits to choosing to use frosted window vinyl over sandblasting.

Here are four reasons why window vinyl makes the best privacy glass:

1. Frosted window vinyl doesn’t go transparent when wet.

This is especially relevant when thinking about installing privacy glass in your bathroom. Some sandblasted glass loses some of its opacity when wet – this isn’t ideal for shower doors or windows in a hot, steamy bathroom.

2. Frosted vinyl for glass is easy to install.

Sandblasting is quite a messy process which requires the windows to be removed, treated off-site and then re-installed, making it inconvenient and without a window for most of the process. Besides being annoying, having to do without windows is a security risk. Frosted window vinyl, on the other hand, is comparatively fuss-free and quick to install on-site.

3. Frosted window vinyl strengthens glass.

A great benefit of using frosted window vinyl for privacy glass is that the application of window film makes glass shatterproof.

In contrast, sandblasting actually weakens glass, making it more likely to break. The sandblasting process weakens privacy glass by taking layers off of the surface, thereby making it thinner and more fragile.

4. Although frosted window vinyl is extremely durable, it can be changed or removed.

High quality window vinyl is incredibly durable and is designed to last a lifetime. The vinyl used for privacy glass will not fade, peel off, crack or discolor.

Despite its durability, frosted window vinyl is removable. This is particularly useful when installing privacy glass in offices as it allows you to incorporate your logo or company branding into your frosted design. If at a later stage you move offices or change your branding, the frosted vinyl can be removed without damaging the glass.

Sandblasting, of course, is permanent. If an installed sandblasted design is no longer appropriate for whatever reason, the entire pane of glass will need to be replaced.

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