Is Print Signage Better Than Digital Signage?

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Is Print Signage Better Than Digital Signage?

Print signage is one of the most efficiently used took of communication for commercial industry for decades. But the rapidly growing sector of digital signage challenges its era as kingpins for communicating messages to a large audience. Both print and digital signage have their own advantages and disadvantages due to its existence over the years for most outdoor advertising companies. But let us know which one is a better tool of communication, print signage of digital signage.

Cost of both print and digital signage has a very high difference. Digital signage is a one time high investment cost. This is because it involves purchase of signage software along with grade screen and also involves installation charges. In comparison to digital, print cost is significantly cheaper at the initial stage but requires regular updating cost. The real shine of digital signage is because of its ability to update directly to an entire network of real-time screens. It’s quick, efficient and easy. Whereas, print signage is a labour intensive job and a lot arduous. One needs to incur additional reprinting costs always. It also requires spending time and money for distribution and on boarding someone to paste a signage physically at each and every location. Print is great if you want to do it for just 1 retail branch. But if you are looking at changing all your print posters across the country, your cost will go up. One can update a digital signage with just a click and is free from any distribution or pasting costs.

When visual appeal is taken into consideration, digital signage takes over print. Display of a digital signage is quite bright and vibrant and call also allow bare minimum of images and videos and is preferred by most outdoor advertising agencies, whereas, in print design the image looks quite lifeless. Digital signage also supports interactivity where users can use the touch feature and make it both functionally and aesthetically optimal. Due to growth in the use of technology, there is a drop in the cost of commercial touch screen displays. These screens help in engaging customers and also helps in increasing brand awareness and acknowledge them about your products.

Recycling is possible in case of both digital and print signage. Since print is not a medium of long term solution, it is a fleeting way of communication. Changes in environment can also affect the kind of ink being used for print signage. In case of digital signage, it comes with long term planning and permanent fixture, due to which it is extremely environment friendly and one can switch its power off when needed. Digital signage is quite flexible in terms of usage.

Both print and digital signage have been and will be continuing to work together. Digital signage is clearly beneficial and have many advantages but print signage has its own advantages. One can use both mediums to promote one’s business as per time and budget constraints. A short term marketing plan may be fulfilled by just print signage whereas a long term one may require both print and digital signage.



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