Know How To Generate Leads From Exhibitions

//Know How To Generate Leads From Exhibitions

Know How To Generate Leads From Exhibitions

Exhibitions are among the most preferred tool of marketing and can help in generating leads, making it an exceptional below the line platform for marketing. Lead generation is a process of attaining contacts and important details from visitors which help in converting them into customers, partners and business clients at any exhibition stand Dubai. Businessmen from across the world participate in exhibitions in order to generate leads. It is not an easy job to build a strong client base. Also putting up an exhibition stand just does not guarantee lead generation. There are few things that an exhibitor needs to keep in mind to ensure a proper lead generation flow.

Call to Action elements: Exhibition marketing with help of exhibition stand builders in Dubai for promotions is an effective way of promoting your brand in a lot more than one way. One needs to pay attention to every minute detail while setting up show. Incorporating call to action elements, like a questionnaire or an interactive kiosk which asks visitors to fill their basic information. Some people also install vending machines and ask visitors to drop their business cards instead of cash. Many such marketing strategies can help in making your stall design a full proof lead generation friendly booth and will in generating ample of leads.

Workshops and seminars: Many professionals from the industry are interested in attending seminars, workshops and conferences to stay up to date with the current trends. Many exhibition organizers also arrange seminars to engage their visitors. These seminars can be conducted by inviting experts from the industry. This can also work as a great marketing strategy to attract more people to your exhibition. Workshops can work as a great way of engaging your audience and also helps in lead generation. It helps in educating visitors about your products or services.

Training sales team for being proactive: An intuitive sales team at an exhibition booth works wonders. A proactive team can help in generating leads and turn visitors in customers. Training your staff before your exhibition can anticipate a good response from your exhibition. People coming to your exhibition need to feel welcomed and your staff needs to show an approachable as well as professional attitude. They should know where to pay more attention. Whether a customer is interested or disinterested can also be judged by their body language. Your staff needs to make full use of their time to generate more leads at your exhibition.

Frame your questioning technique: One of the easiest ways of generating quality leads is to ask visitors to fill questionnaires. Surveys is considered as the most tried and tested way for generating data. Interested visitors will fill your form with all details, whereas vaguely interested visitors may skip few points and try to get over with it. It’s the exhibitor’s responsibility to make sure that all important and relevant questions are asked and the survey is short and crisp.

Now we know about some sure ways of generating quality leads at an exhibition. You can also add innovations based on your product or service to generate more leads for your business.

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