Environmental Advantages of Digital Printing

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Environmental Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital printing is not only a high quality, reliable and cost efficient solution; it is also very beneficial to the environment. Digitally printed banners have changed the printing business significantly. To be more precise, digital printing has introduced an eco-friendly method of printing. Thus, by choosing digital printing you also choose to go green, owing to various environmental advantages it offers.

Read below to know more about the environmental advantages of digital printing:

It reduces the amount of waste generated

Although digital printing requires the use of paper, it consumes far less quantity of paper as compared to that of traditional printing. Traditional printing takes a longer duration of time and constantly generates waste. It also takes a longer time to setup traditional printing. On the other hand, digital equipment does not need any setup and the amount of electricity consumed is also minimum. Besides this, digital printing eliminates the worry of paper waste. Also, some digital printers use recycled paper, thus cutting down the waste further. This technique is quite popular with digital printing Dubai companies.

You can share the design electronically & get it approved

Unlike traditional printing where one needs to get samples printed to check if the design is correct or not, digital printing can help you find this out electronically with the help of software and tools like Adobe and Photoshop. With the help of these tools you can simply get an accurate idea of how the layout will look like without any printing. Also, if you want to check a printed copy, digital printing can do so without much waste. Many outdoor advertising companies in UAE have adopted digital printing technique for this reason.

It uses less toxic materials

Traditional printing both flexography and offset require a lot of chemicals to create a printed design. Polyester and rubber is also used in high quantities in traditional printing. Besides this, traditional printing involves use of many solvents to remove the ink from the rollers. Although digital printing uses some amount of contaminated materials, it is very fewer as compared to traditional printing. It also makes use of many mild solvents. Digital printing also has another added advantage. It can print thousands of customized copies at one go with different information. This eventually leads to less use of chemical and toxic materials.

To conclude, digital printing is anytime a better option from traditional printing. It is also getting more technologically advanced, thus offering more variations and printing options. It also saves you from any added or extra costs. It is cost effective, reliable & a fast option. Also, owing to its high quality, your labels and banners will look more appealing as compared to other techniques like flexography. Digital printing positively impacts the surroundings around you by decreasing the waste generated and harmful chemicals used. It is an eco-friendly solution that helps you contribute towards a greener planet.

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