Designing your Exhibition Stand

//Designing your Exhibition Stand

Designing your Exhibition Stand

2016 is here! With New Year come new strategies, the mistakes of the previous year strategies should not be repeated. The start of the year is also the season of conducting exhibitions. Companies across the world are pulling up their socks to revisit and reinvent new exhibition ideas. Exhibitions gives an opportunity to travel down to your audience and interact with them. It is indeed a golden opportunity to engage with your audience and increase the sales of a company. Events like exhibitions provide a good platform to interact one on one basis with the audience.
While travelling to various places or taking part in a fair, there are high chances of your rival companies being in the same proximity. Here, it is necessary for your exhibition to stand out among the others.

Let Design be your edge.

Exhibition is all about campaigning with the right design. Your design should be the most unique feature among others. Make sure it is technologically advanced and updated. It will prove to be an edge over other exhibition builders. The look and set up of your exhibition stand will attract the audience towards your stand.

Sustaining the Attention

One of the golden rule of marketing focuses on the attention span of people. The average attention span of a person is 35 seconds. Make sure the visitor is for the maximum amount of time at your exhibition. The exhibition stand needs to be spacious and shiny making people gravitate towards your stand. Pop up exhibition stand is a great way of showcasing the creativity.

Be Unconventional

Don’t be afraid to experiment and go bold with the design. A vibrant stand and staff would attract more visitors. Giving a visual treat to the audience by installing video walls and displaying pictures which is a great idea to grab their attention. There should be clever and appropriate use of lighting to enhance the stand. Be innovative and put in a lot of creativity. A dull design or stand will repel the audience. The design should be vibrant and welcoming.


One of the prime reason of conducting an exhibition is to interact with the audience. It is a golden opportunity to engage with your audience, make sure you take full advantage of it! Offering discounts, leaflets, sale or free demos will attract more crowd towards your stand. These freebies need to be publicized beforehand. The WOW factor at your event needs to stand out. Interact with the customers and have a great energy throughout the exhibition. Conducting small interactive sessions or games would keep the visitors interested. This will keep the exhibition lively. Such creativity is better than a dull and boring exhibition.

It is necessary for the staff to be super welcoming and warm. A smile on the face would definitely create a positive atmosphere on the stand. A great hospitality goes a long way in earning the loyalty of the customer.

Apart from these factors, a pre preparation of the exhibition will also increase the publicity of the event. Create online RSVPs for social media platforms to get warm leads. This will get you a rough idea about how many people may attend the event.

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