Common Mistakes That Happen During An Exhibition

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Common Mistakes That Happen During An Exhibition

Trade shows and exhibitions invite many opportunities for your business as there are many potential clients, looking for business and to spend money. These events are good for promoting your business and standing out. But doing it the right way is what matters. If you get it wrong, then there are chances that damage can happen to your brand’s reputation and your show can turn out to be a disappointing one. Here are some common mistake most exhibitors do if they do not consult exhibition stand companies in Dubai.

No Proper Planning: Participating in an exhibition comes with setting goals, defining those goals and objectives, planning a strategy to achieve them, a good game plan along with a contingency plan. Without a perfect game plan, your event lacks objective and can become a flop show. It’s important to get your objective right and strategize well. One must also do competitor analysis to know what you may be expecting. Having a plan B is a must, in case something went wrong.

Cost Cutting: Renting a cheap exhibition space, cutting cost on print design, reusing old exhibition stands might help in saving some money, but at the cost of your reputation. An exhibition is an investment to increase your business by promoting it. It deserves to be given a good budget. It’s good to negotiate, but cutting down important expenses can cause a damage. Go by your brand value. Follow your branding guidelines. Your company’s quality and professionalism will; be reflected at your exhibition. Making the best use of this opportunity and not cutting cost can surely give you a good first impression to your potential customers.

Compromised Stand Design: Your stand is the first thing that your visitors will notice at your exhibition stand. It’s that one message that either drives them to you your stand or away. When designing your stand, you need to keep a check on all angles and how it will look from each. One also needs to check functionality along with aesthetics. Your design planning should include collaterals, furniture and audio visual. Ask your exhibition stand builders Dubai, to share mock-ups or 3D views to ensure your planning falls in place.

Unnecessary Giveaways: People coming to your exhibition are your potential customers and also in a way your guests. It’s good to treat them with good hospitality. Most exhibitors believe in giving away corporate gifts with branding. The most important thing before choosing your give away is the relevance. Choose something that makes your brand presence stronger. But don’t force it. Your gift should be different and worthy of remembering. That’s the reason you are giving it away, for a better brand recall. Decide whether you really want to giveaways it always comes with an extra cost.

Untrained Staff: Your staff is the only people your visitors will be meeting at your exhibition stand. Training them right is a must. They should be approachable and friendly and should display a welcoming attitude. They should know how to greet your visitors well. If your staff looks tired by the end of the exhibition and fails to attend your visitors, then you may end up losing very good business opportunities. Your staff is the representation of your company, its quality and professionalism.

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