Advertising: The Lifeblood of Every Organization

//Advertising: The Lifeblood of Every Organization

Advertising: The Lifeblood of Every Organization

Egyptians used papyrus to make pamphlets and promotional messages. Commercial dialogue and political campaign displays have been found in the ruins of Pompeii (present day Naples, Italy) and ancient Arabia. These are reported to be one of the oldest forms of advertising.

In an increasingly consumer-centric world, advertising your product and making sure that your potential customers are hearing about what you have to offer is of utmost importance. You may have the best products or services, but without advertising them, it is difficult to sell. We must take note of what registers on human eyes, and what blend of design and colors create an impact and an impression on an individual.

It is often said that the colors red and yellow incite the feeling of hunger in an individual. Ever wondered why the KFC’s and McDonalds’s are adorned with these colors? Yes, it is all part of an advertising strategy that has resulted in progressive sales for these companies. It is important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and design a marketing strategy accordingly. To conclude, if you have invested in building a great product or service, invest a proportional amount of time and money in your marketing efforts. Because without sales, even the greatest product can fail.

The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is fast becoming a global hub for marketing and advertising companies to set up base. This is partly due to the fledgling F&B industry, coupled with Dubai being one of the most well-known tourist hubs world over. The sheer strength of the industry demands that visual marketing and outdoor advertising is seen all over the city. Advertising and signage companies that produce these visual instruments use a blend of creativity, technology and quality to put the work together. BrandMe Advertising is one such example of an advertising company in Dubai.

BrandMe Advertising is an outdoor advertising agency in Dubai, and has an experience of over a decade in indoor and outdoor advertising- especially in visuals like indoor and outdoor signage, exhibition stands, display stand, digital printing, digital signage, stage shows, conferences and other events. Cutting edge technology blended with a talented workforce ensures the production of appealing visuals like Signage, Exhibition Stands, Digital Printing, Digital Signage and LED Lights.

BrandMe Advertising, being a signage company, also offers certain other products. Their expertise is also extended to exhibition stand building. They specialize in developing custom solutions for all kinds of exhibition stands, including support for modular stands, warehousing, graphics and exhibition signage. Their development department can produce different types of print media solutions (i.e. vinyl, flex, banners, etc.) for graphics in order to come up with enhanced visual communication results.

Marketing and advertising of the company helps to expand the business online. There are thousands of products manufactured on a daily basis. But it is necessary for your advertise to stand out, this is done by various digital marketing company. With numerous tools, we can ensure the online existence of your product or company.

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